Greetings. For the most part, i don't like blogs. Moreover, I don't like the idea of blogging. With that said, aside from having a handy way to display some of my artwork, my goal here is to create a blog that will be a place to post some artwork, a few thoughts, some ideas, a handful of things I'm working on, and all sorts of things. What I don't want this to be is some self-centered 'dear diary'. I also hope to give friends, artists, and peers a place to share their thoughts and feedback, and hopefully generate some solid, challenging dialogue (the subject of which we will all find out as i go). Kinda like the CA building from back in the days of art school.

So, add this to your bookmarks, subscribe to a feed - here we go.

I'm still trying to figure all this out, so I'm sure things will be slightly imbalanced for quite the while, but all in due time. I am, after all, quite busy with my job.