new*ish painting

Ok, so I painted for a couple hours last night. The subject is my beautiful wife, Niki. I've had this painting lying around for about a year now just sitting at the very first blocked-in stage (i have no idea why). Last night I did the face and some of the neck area. I wanted to tackle at least the face in one sitting so it could be fresh, wet edges. I’d like to have the whole thing finished before next week begins, which could be tough as my wife and i are working on a huge mural for our church. There are a few drawing issues that need worked out (it is just a block-in after all), but I’m excited about where this could go. My biggest fear is all the foliage. I tend to neglect that kind of thing as unimportant or uninteresting or tedious. But obviously it will need some special attention for this subject. Of course drawing and value will be key to the foliage, but I think their edges, how i handle the "intended spontaneity", could make or break the painting. I believe watching Richard Schmid's "May" is in order this evening. Thank you Schmid.

By the way, if you are not already familiar with his work, you need to check out the artwork of Casey Baugh. Formerly from Chattanooga, TN, this Massachusetts artist will certainly be a challenge and inspiration to you. He certainly has been for me as I have excitedly (and jealously, i must confess) watched his painting and career develop over the past few years. Keep your eye on this guy. You're going to like what you see.