Thank you for your interest in my work! I would love the opportunity to create a timeless portrait of you or your loved one. I offer portraits in both oil and charcoal media. No matter the portrait style, each commission is carefully crafted to ensure that the subject's likeness and personality are faithfully captured. Time-honored techniques are used to make each portrait a uniquely beautiful work of art. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Available styles

THE CHARCOAL PORTRAIT: A head study — drawn in the purest sense — from a classical, enduring meduim. For the best experience, the charcoal sketch can be done in one or two sittings from life. 

THE HEAD STUDY: These timeless oil sketches provide great opportunities for beautifully rendered, yet artistically expressive portraits. Head studies are painted from life in the alla prima manner, which captures the subject with accuracy, speed, and artistry.

THE TRADITIONAL PORTRAIT: These timeless portraits are available from a head and shoulders piece, all the way to a full body portrait in an environment. I would be honored to help you be a part of this timeless tradition.