children's portrait - part 3

*see part 1 here* well, i neglected to stay on top of taking progress photos, so what you see here is the final painting. I think it's fitting to mention here that this piece is generally tighter than I am usually aiming for, yet appropriate, i believe, for a commissioned portrait. I am pleased overall with the results and i enjoyed even the small struggles and problem-solving situations that came with it. It is all part of the experience and constant growing process.

The first thumbnail (portrait detail 1) is one of my favorite parts of the painting, particularly the child's left arm. What i like about it is the broken brushwork and how few brushstrokes there actually are. I also enjoyed the color temperature subtleties in the shadows of the pillar.

Painting the faces 80-95% in shadow proved to be quite difficult. I've made a mental note to start photo shoots earlier in the day, which lends itself to lower angle, softer lighting.

Welp, on to the next painting.